Personal Training

No matter what your athletic ambitions may be, personal training from the Little Rock Athletic Club could be just the thing to take your game to the next level. Want to shed a few pounds, have abs you can do laundry on, or just be able get the groceries from the minivan to the front door without having to catch your breath? Regardless of your goals, or your current physical condition, we have a trainer who can help.

Our diverse staff of trainers lets you select just the right fit to help you achieve success. They take an interest in you, your life and your aspirations and help tailor a plan to help you get there. Oh, and in addition to being well trained and really good at what they do, they all happen to be really nice folks. Which is why we hired them in the first place. Read about our training staff here.

Amy Jacobsen

Strong side: Raising her kids, lifting weights

Soft side: Her kids and cats

Fun side: Teaching group exercise

Secret side: Introverted homebody but loves adventure

Proof that she’s just like you: It takes a lot longer to warm up than it used to!

Go to trainer tip: Challenge yourself in some way every day.

Education and certifications: ACE certified personal trainer; AFAA certified group exercise instructor